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Week #3
This work was done by Kathy Barker in 2016 in Seattle for the session “ DESIGN: Deconstructing the Grid ” in PRIMITIVE TO MODERN. In her own words:
Concept: The quote: "To create a little flower is the labor of ages" immediately fascinated me.. To contrast the vastness of the universe (the ages)

with the delicate creation of a flower was an intriguing, but very challenging theme for me. To be honest, it pushed me beyond my normal borders as did the

technique that Reggie introduced us to. I was grateful for the opportunity to move beyond the confines of prescribed page limits as the quote and concept seemed to require a dramatically new approach.

Technique: On the first day, as Reggie demonstrated to us, we first wrote out the words in black, using a speedball B nib. Then we explored copying the words at various sizes by reducing or enlarging on a copy machine. Further work was done to rearrange the quote exploring a contrast in sizes and position of the individual words. When this was completed, the final layout was copied onto Arches 90 lb paper. To complete this part of the project, we carefully cut around the words using a # 11 Xacto knife leaving a border of white. By using small pieces of foam core board attached to the back side of this arrangement, the quote could work as a unit that stood up in relief against a background.

The next day we created the background that did open up a whole new set of ways to think about "breaking out of the grid of convention.”
 After creating an image that would work with the quote, we explored gestural lines that would express both quote and image. These were sketched lightly on tracing paper. When satisfied we transferred these to 11" X 17" background colored prints (Hubble images or stain glass abstracts

that Reggie provided for us.) Then came the real challenge as we numbered each area to cut, then cut the lines, spreading the pieces apart to create new areas and shapes, often pushing beyond our original borders. All this was done on heavy weight watercolor paper that Reggie had prepared in advance with a waxed surface. The waxed surface allowed us to re position our pieces until we were satisfied with the final result.

As Reggie explained it was important to keep in mind that this was done for purposes of reproducing the image in different size formats. By carefully positioning the lighting, a very dramatic effect could be achieved from shadows cast by the raised letter group. An important part of our home work for the following month was to get good quality reproductions. This was a whole other learning process;

but well worth the time and effort. As always, we were grateful to Reggie "for helping us get old enough" in our calligraphic life!

Materials: 90# Arches hot press paper for the quote
Many sharp #11 Xacto blades
Speedball B nib, Moon Palace Sumi ink
11" X 17"color prints

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