Primitive to Modern

Supplies List

Month 1:  Modernizing a Traditional Calligraphic Hand:  Blackletter


- Speedball C-0, C-1, C-2 nibs

- double ended wooden pen holders

- mechanical pencil 2-H lead 

- sharpener,

- white vinyl eraser

- ruler 18 to 24”

- Moon Palace black sumi ink

- Winsor Newton gum arabic

- alizarin crimson gouache or watercolor

- Dr. Martin’s Bleed Proof White (or other white)

- 2 mixing pans, 2 mixing brushes

- dropper and water

- good small pointed brush (#2 or smaller)

- xacto with #11 blade

- grid pad-8 squares to the inch made for calligraphy

- matte spray fixative

- newspapers

- paper towels

- masking tape

- Scotch Removable tape

- red ball point pen

- Saral transfer paper

- tracing paper

Month 2:  Lettering, Color, and Gold on Vellum

Preparing Vellum:

- masking tape
- random orbital sander (if you have one)
- extension cord/power strip
- paper towels
- clean cotton rag (old T-shirt)
- one vacuum cleaner (shared by class)
- masonite board
- sand papers

Lining Up Vellum:

- masking tape
- ruler or T-square, 18” to 24”
- mechanical pencil, 2H and 5H leads
- sharpener
- white vinyl eraser
- pre-lined handouts
- paper to be lined
- prepared vellum (provided by Reggie)

Writing on Vellum:

- paper towels
- hand guard
- Ott Light and Optivisor
- light box and/or slant board with acrylic panel
- 3 mixing pans and brushes
- water
- water dropper
- gum Arabic
- grid pad
- gouaches:  ivory black and cad red deep
- Xacto with #10 and #11 blades
- Nibs:  variety you are comfortable with:  2mm and smaller, and EF66
- pen handle
- lined vellum
- lined paper
- gum sandarac powder in pouch
- clean rag
- Masters Brush Cleaner

Gilding on Vellum:

- mixing pan/dropper and water
- silk cloth and paper towels
- Instacol (Reggie provides)
- small pointed brush for acrylics
- Letraset burnisher
- Four 5” squares of glassine
- clean scissors
- craft sticks
- acetone (shared by class)
- EF66 nib with handle
- Mechanical pencil with 2H and 5H leads
- sharpener
- white vinyl eraser
- Masters Brush cleaner
- Koch Image:  % up and down
- gold leaf 

Correcting Errors on Vellum:

- vellum piece with writing
- Scraping Knife or #10 Xacto
- clean rag
- Letraset Burnisher
- Gum Sandarac
- white vinyl eraser (Tuff Stuff)
- pen/ink/brush

Other Stuff:

- cutting board or back of grid pad
- black permanent markers, variety of sizes, especially smaller
- good small pointed brush for painting
- ruling pen
- transparent acrylic ruler or T-square or triangle

Month 3:  Illumination on Vellum

Putting Image on Vellum:

- vellum
- mechanical pencil and 5H lead
- sharpener
- white vinyl eraser
- lightbox
- transparency
- white gloves
- removable tape
- masking tape
- ruler
- triangle

Gilding on Vellum:

- white paper mask
- Instacol
- mixing pan/dropper/water
- paper towels
- craft sticks
- small pointed brush for acrylics
- Optivisor and Ott Light
- glassine sheets
- clean scissors
- acetone (for class)
- paper towels
- Letraset burnisher
- silk
- Xacto #10 blade
- clean up brush

Color Work on Vellum:

- watercolors:  alizarin crimson, indigo, French ultramarine, Winsor violet, white
- 3 mixing pans and mixing brushes
- dropper/water
- 2 water bowls
- paper towels
- ruling pen
- black gouache
- ruler
- triangle
- white paper mask
- good small pointed watercolor brush
- variety of permanent black markers, especially smaller
- ball pointed metal nib and pen handle
- gum sandarac in bag

Other items:

- Moon Palace Sumi or other black ink
- Speedball B-2,3,4 nibs : also EF66 nib
- red ball point pen
- white transfer paper (Saral)
- any "gold" ink, gouache, or watercolor, etc you have
- pencil sharpener (electric?) for regular pencils, not mechanical
- any color pencils you have
- Hot Foil Pen and gold or silver foil, if you have one (available at" Paper and Ink Arts")
-Tracing paper
- matte spray fixative 

Month 4:  Primitive to Modern

- spray fixative
- handouts from last month
- PURPLE VELLUM from last month
- finished layout for purple vellum
- Speedball "B" nibs
- EF66 nib
- Double ended pen handle
- tracing paper
- Sara[ transfer papers
- paper towels
- black ink (Moon Palace)
- dropper and water
- mixing pans (at least 3)
- mixing brushes (at least 3)
- grid paper
- ball point pen (red)
- a few good small pointed brushes
- a few small pointed brushes for acrylic
- glassine squares (4) 4" each
- clean scissors
- Letraset burnisher
- Instacoll
- Optivisor
- Ott Light if needed
- masking tape
- water bowls (at least 2)
- pencil/ sharpener/ eraser -ruler or T-square or triangle
- permanent black markers, variety of sizes, esp. small  

Month 5:  Design:  Deconstructing the Grid

-tracing paper, 11x17 if possible
-grid paper
-Saral transfer paper
-pencil, sharpener, eraser
-Speedball B-2 & B-3 nibs
-variety of permanent black markers, especially .1 or smaller (Zig)
-double ended pen handle
-Moon Palace sumi ink
- ball point pen (red)
-calculator (pocket)
-masking tape
-removable tape
-xacto, #11 blade
-compass (optional)
-paper towels
-triangle or T-square
-slant board
-light box
-Ott Light & extension cord
-glue stick
-cutting board (or back of grid pad)
-hole punch
- Hot Foil Pen
-1 or 2 very short quotes*
-a very simple image relating to the quote*

*If you do not bring these I will have some for you. 

Month 6:  Experiencing the Book as a New Structure

- hole punch, ¼” (most single hole punches are that size), 1 per person
- electric drill (cordless or with cord, either one), with ¼” and 1/8” drill bits, 1 per table
- xacto with several #11 blades
- scissors
- metal ruler
- triangle
- cutting board
- grid pad
- glue stick
- newspapers, lots
- water bowls, 2 each
- cheap 1” housepainters brushes from hardware store, 2 each
- bone folder
- 2 sided tape, one roll each person
- removable tape, one roll each person

Everyone got a copy of the DVD with images of stained glass.  We used them last time for our project and we will use them again this time for some of the pages for our book.

I would like for everyone to bring the following to class:

- 11” x 17”:  color copies, at least 5 different ones

- 11” x 17”:  B & W copies, at least 5 different ones

- 8 ½” x 11”:  B & W transparency, at least 3 different ones

In choosing which colors, visual patterns, etc., individuals may want to consider the quote.  The quote we will be using for our text is, “The human heart is a theater of longing.”  I will have this printed out in various sizes and colors on different media so it would be difficult for people to substitute their own quote.  Remindpeople this is purely for the sake of learning this technique, using different media, designing for a new book format.

It would help a great deal if you could get 100 manilla folders perhaps at Office Max, etc.  We can factor that into the class materials fee.

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