PRIMITIVE TO MODERN is the year long follow up course to the original year long course 26 Seeds: a Year to Grow.   The original course was highly focused on letterforms, fundamental materials and techniques, and traditional layout and design. In contrast, P2M is far less about learning how to do letters and far more about how to use them in the context of innovative designs with both contemporary and ancient materials and techniques.
Although it would be preferred that a student would have taken 26 Seeds... it is not necessary.

        Whereas the first year long course was sequential, hierarchal, with each months content based upon the ones that preceded, P2M is more a series of individual modules. Each session is project oriented. The project started within class sets in motion specific lettering, materials, techniques, layout, and design to be continued into the following month to finish that project, and others of the students choosing based on individual interest. There is great latitude to either stick to very structured projects or go far afield in personal directions. The amount of homework a person does is based strictly on the amount of motivation and opportunity they have that year. As always , at certain times, different individuals will need to experience challenge or support  alternately.

          The sessions meet for two days, usually a Saturday and Sunday, every other month for six sessions. Starting in January they end in November. Starting in February they end in December. Most days start at about 9 and end at about 6. I prefer that the minimum enrollment be 10 students; maximum 15. Although not mandatory, I ask participants to consider the possibility of a study group in the interim months between class sessions. People enjoy one another's company and they reinforce and clarify what they have learned. There is also more productivity.

As artists we are all very visual. A great deal of visual clarification and motivation will be found on my website   
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1.  Maggie Gillikin

Jan Boyd Month 2
2. Jan Boyd

3.  Maria-Helena Hoksch

Lydia Batten
Lydia Batten
4.  Lydia Batten

Ginny Haller
5.  Ginny Haller

Pam Nash
6. Pam Nash
1.  from Month 1  -  Maggie Gillikin, "Blackletter Variations"
2.  from Month 2  -  Jan Boyd, "Writing on Vellum"
3.  from Month 3  -  Maria-Helena Hoksch, "Illumination on Vellum"
4.  from Month 4  -  Lydia Batten, "Primitive to Modern"
5.  from Month 5  -  Ginny Haller, "DESIGN:  Deconstructing the Grid"
6.  from Month 6  -  Pam Nash, "Experiencing the Book as a New Structure"