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  2018 Classes outside Chicago


  2018 International Calligraphy Conference
July 14 to July 21 2018
Foundational:  Trusting Your Instincts

Every calligrapher needs to have in their repertoire a book hand: a set of lower case romans.
“Foundation”, as Edward Johnston originally named it, is one of the best to ground yourself
(initially, or return to) in the fundamentals of lettering. This will be a week of immersion not
only in letterforms, but papers, nibs, and writing fluids.

How do you know what a good paper surface feels like? How do you know what the flow of a
beautifully controlled fluid feels like? How can you make a nib behave? How confident are you in
completing a project? It seems like everyone else has somehow effortlessly laid claim to these, but they are hard-won fundamentals.

By understanding the architecture of the letterforms and the way materials should feel and behave, you will chronicle your learning in the finished book you will take home. Instincts, self trust, intuition: all are  founded on informed experience and success.